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General & Emergency Service 514-990-1901

Propane Gas Distributor and Supplier in the Greater Montreal Area

Propane is a form of energy presenting many qualities. Here is a brief description, taken from the Canadian Propane Association's Web site:

"Propane is a versatile, multi-purpose fuel that is highly portable, clean burning and non-toxic. In Canada, supply is abundant and an expansive infrastructure exists to make it readily available and competitively priced. It is a by-product of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It is extracted and used as a gas, but stored and transported as a liquid under pressure."

At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, we provide several services related to propane gas:

  • Propane gas tank rental
  • Delivery: residential, commercial, farm and industrial
  • Automatic delivery or call to order
  • Emergency service
  • Sale / Installation / Delivery / Service

Never Run Out of Propane

Our company located in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu offers a safe propane delivery service to meet all your needs in Montreal and on the South shore. In case of emergency, our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To make sure you will never miss gas, we offer 2 user-friendly solutions. First, you can sleep soundly thanks to our automatic delivery service. An unexpected situation? No problem! Simply use our convenient call-to-order service!

How to Read the Pressure Gauge of your Propane Tank

If you want to know how much gas you have left, lift the cover of the tank and read the percentage that shows on the pressure gauge. If it reads 20% or less, call us to plan you next delivery. Simple!

Installation of Propane Tanks

For the rental and installation of a propane gas tank in various regions of Quebec (including the South Shore), choose Mazout & Propane Beauchemin. Our technicians set up propane tanks with a capacity ranging from 100 lbs to 1000 gallons. All our tanks are manufactured according to strict standards (DOT-ASME). With this broad range of possibilities, we are absolutely certain to be able to meet all your needs.

We carry Pro-Par tanks for the commercial and farming sector, and we prefer Manchester tanks for the residential sector.

Our services

On the South shore and in the greater Montreal area, call upon our expertise for the installation of propane gas appliances (fireplaces, stoves, water heaters) and for the delivery of fuel (propane, diesel, oil, fuel oil and heating oil). You have questions? Contact our service customer to talk with one of our representatives.

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