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Propane Conversion for Your Vehicle

The Benefits of Propane

Cost Reduction

The conversion from gasoline or diesel vehicles to propane dramatically decreases fuel costs. Not only does it reduce the cost of 40% for gasoline vehicles and from 10 to 15% for diesel vehicles, but it also reduces the need for refueling. In addition, the relative stability of propane cost, compared to that of gasoline, makes it easier to plan for a budget.

Cleaner Energy

In addition to being less expensive than gasoline, propane is much less polluting and more environmentally friendly: Non-toxic, it does not contaminate the soil or water since it does not generate greenhouse gases and does not contain lead. By consuming propane instead of gasoline or diesel, emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced by almost 20%.

Power and Speed Remain Unchanged

By opting for propane, drivers choose an equal or greater power source for their engines, as well as a secure technology system. The efficiency, effectiveness and autonomy of a propane-fueled car are comparable to those of a gasoline-fueled vehicle. The power and speed remain unchanged.

How Does the Propane Gas System Work?

The conversion to propane kit has 3 main components in addition to the propane tank: a computer, a fuel injector rail and a vaporizer.

  1. The computer administers the fuel flow management between gasoline and propane. When the engine reaches the optimum temperature of 40º C, the vehicle is automatically supplied with propane.
  2. The propane injectors are placed on the engine, close to the gasoline injectors.
  3. The vaporizer is a component in which the liquid propane passes through. The vaporizer heats the liquid propane and turns it into propane vapor, which is then propelled into the engine by the injectors.

What Should You Know about a Vehicle Conversion to Propane Gas?

Filling the Tank

This can be done directly on the tank or on a filling adapter (located next to the gasoline filler adapter) installed on the side of the vehicle.

Conversion and Amortization Time

Converting your vehicle to propane gas may take from 2 to 3 days and the fixed installation cost varies from $ 5,500 to $ 6,500. The savings are long-term: for a distance of 50 000 km per year, the driver already saves $ 8,000, 8 months only following the installation.


Propane is a fuel that is coveted by large companies such as Orléans Express and Kéolis, who use it for their vehicle fleet.

For a simple supply, a fast and efficient service and a clean and less expensive consumption, choose Mazout & Propane Beauchemin on the South Shore of Montreal and in the Montérégie area!

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