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The Advantages of Heating Oil

Heating units that run on heating oil (also known as “heating fuel” or “fuel oil”), have evolved tremendously in the last 30 years. Today, these systems:

  • Use more efficient equipment, which are much more affordable to run than units that use other types of fuel;
  • Operate autonomously, even in case of a power failure;
  • Are a clean-burning fuel due to recent innovations, which greatly reduce emissions of particulate matter (also known as particle pollution);
  • Filter hot air, which also helps to purify breathing air;
  • Are constantly being improved to optimize efficiency and reduce installation and maintenance fees.

Heating Oil #1

Commonly known as “stove oil” or “range oil,” heating oil no. 1 is mainly used in standby heating units, such as small oil stoves and oil heaters. This fuel is also used in forced-air and hot water heating systems. Generally speaking, heating oil no. 1 is suitable for all autonomous heating units with a small oil throughput, which rely on gravity.

Highly resistant to cold, the gel point temperature for heating oil no. 1 is -40°C, which means this fuel can be stored either outside or in an unheated area ? at this temperature it thickens to a soft wax. Because it is more refined than heating oil no. 2, heating oil no. 1 produces more heat. It also requires a larger investment upfront.

Heating Oil #2

Also known as furnace oil, heating oil no. 2 is the most common fuel used today. It is ideal for units of all types, including hot water and forced-air central heating systems.

Unlike tanks used to store heating oil no. 1, heating oil no. 2 tanks must be stored in temperate areas. The gel point temperature for heating oil no. 2 is -8°C. As a result, this type of fuel is best stored in the basement.

Heating Oil Delivery and Fuel Tank Draining Services

At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, we offer heating oil no. 1 and heating oil no. 2 delivery services. We also drain and refill fuel tanks. For additional information, please give us a call to talk to someone from our team. In case of emergency, call us anytime at 514-990-1901.

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